Meet Your Healer, Shab Kamal

With her extensive healthcare background, Shab brings a gentle touch to her practice of healing. She is the author of “The Hidden Power of Spiritual Journaling”, in which she teaches journaling tools, helping connect individuals to their intuition and higher power. She is a certified Reiki, Ayurveda, and Yoga practitioner. She combines all her personal experience with her spiritual education from Mount Madonna Center and Doctor Chopra Center. Shab heals her clients using her expertise in knowing what each individual needs to thrive and prosper. She also teaches various Meditation and Pranayama technique. She offers mindful tools and breathing exercises for beginners and Mantra technique with Pranayama for intermediate to advance practitioners. In all that Shab does, she focuses on her mission of healing.

“May all that receive any services from me be guided fully to health, happiness, and success.” -Shab