Sitting on the floor of my parents’ apartment waiting for a contractor to show up, I begin to daydream about my family. My parents lived in this apartment for over twenty years. They purchased it to be close to me and my children. They helped me raise my two daughters, go back to school and finish my degree, and supported me with the utmost love and compassion. As I am going down memory lane, my eyes lock on a glass sliding door that must have been opened and closed by my parents thousands of times. I begin to realize the Universal order of my life.

I could not have asked for a better set of parents and soul teachers from Universe. They sacrificed a great deal and detached from their own country to give my sister and I a better education and opportunities in life. After my dad passed, my mom suffered from depression and a few broken bones due to falls, leading us to make the difficult decision to  put her in a home. She endured the pain of being away from her own little space and comfort, in order to make the day to day easier for us. For five years I kept her company and became her confidante, best friend, and private nurse. With time, I had to let go of the idea that she was the mother and I was the child. I learned to give with compassion and detachment, further growing in my spirituality. I learned lessons with every visit and enjoyed deep conversations with her. I learned to be the adult and return the kindness that this soul had shown me for a lifetime.

You see, I do believe that we come to Earth, or our magnificent school, as souls. We take on names, roles, titles, and missions. We teach each other how to be more tolerable and more loving to one another. We learn to like and dislike the events that come and how they influence us emotionally and physically.

With years, as my two daughters grew and became more independent, I learned new lessons with them. They became my teachers, showing me I must let go and be. They learned detachment from home and I from them. I believe it is the hardest lesson in life to let go of what we love. Once we learn that Universe is bringing this act of impermanence to us, we learn to grow up just like our children and let go of our parents who supported us time after time.

I am grateful for all the happenings in my journey, because I walk away with peace in my heart knowing that a new lesson is around the corner, instilling excitement for the challenges ahead.


Shab Kamal

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