Spring Cleaning and Your Health

Did you know that Spring Cleaning might help with your health?

Meditation and Yoga show us how to calm the mind by focusing on breath and performing asanas to move prana in the body. That is the reason why you feel so rejuvenated after a Yoga class. In a subtle way, you have connected your breath, mind activity, and physical body.

Yoga’s sister Science, Ayurveda, mentions that if your Earth and Water elements are more prominent than the others, you have more “Kapha”. These two elements come with both positive and negative qualities of their own. Kapha brings stability and compassion, but also procrastination and laziness. We all have some level of Kapha in us. At times, the level is either a part of your nature or a result of an imbalance, due to your lifestyle. Either way, you can bring these two elements into a state of balance.

Spring is notorious for being a Kapha season. The moisture, mixed with beautiful plants and flowers trigger allergies. “Allergy” is another word used to describe a reaction to an unwanted substance in your body. The undesired particle does not belong there, thus resulting in a miserable physical response.

The expression, “Spring cleaning” has being around for quite a long time and has been practiced in many cultures. It emphasizes a new start through the channel of detoxification.

3 Ways to Kickstart Spring Cleaning

Categorize unwanted and old items

Bring closure to sentimental items

Clean the area and keep it empty

Sort your unwanted items into two categories,“letting go” and “maybe letting go”.  If you have a family, start with your own items. Keep the items you will definitely let go of in one pile, while others you have a difficult time separating from in another. Once you have packed the unwanted ones in bags or boxes, consider the rest of the pile with an open mind and consideration of how much use you truly get out of those items. Then let go.  Maybe choose a foundation to donate all of your pieces to, keeping in mind how others will benefit from your generosity.

Hanging on to items that mean a great deal to you is normal and healthy. The item may have belonged to a loved one or friend, however be sure it brings good memories and not sadness or grief. This will help in the process of healing and closure.

Once the space is emptied out, clean the area well and make room for positive energy to flow freely. Old and harsh energies trap themselves in items and leave the area unhealthy and dusty, causing more reason for allergies.

The act of letting go is called “detachment” in spirituality; detaching from your emotions to see the reality of the situation. When you detach yourself from how the situation makes you feel, you can see it with more logic and truth. You free yourself from the old and make room for new, positive energy in your life. This action will allow your body to be more at ease. Everytime you pass by the cleaned area, you will feel good about the space you have created. This enlightened feeling will help you be happier, sleep better, keep your mind calmer, and allow your body to function smoother. A happier body does not keep toxins and fat, rather it digests food with a healthier metabolism and sends nutrients to the right places. It allows you to eliminate bad toxins from your mind and body to promote vitality.

Luckily, both spring cleaning and your health are in your control. Be kind to your body and allow yourself a healthful environment.


Shab Kamal

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