Feeling Stuck? Get Out of Your Funk.

Three Common Obstacles

I. Attachment to titles and roles

II. Association with the wrong crowd

III. A focus on materialistic outcomes

I have been in that space of frustration multiple times throughout my life. I usually call it “the wave”. It feels as if I’m getting swept up, only to find myself struggling to get back to shore. Life sometimes seems like we are swimming against the current. You plan, invest, lose sleep over projects, despite the fact that whatever is meant to happen, will. I have learned that the Universe has its own timing and plans for us as we grow and evolve as individuals. Learning how to go with the ebb and flow of day to day living is an art. Being spontaneous and flexible are not intrinsic traits developed through adolescence, rather acquired skills. Society teaches us how to organize, plan for the future, and work hard to achieve dreams through education.

Don’t get me wrong, all of these steps are vital for being able to function correctly in society and to be in good financial standing. However, what we forget is the trust in what has been planned for us all along. That is what we call “the journey” or “destiny”.

[We all come to earth for our unique experiences, so we must understand the need to go for the ride. Each lesson brought forth may be manifested through complacency in a job or marriage, a necessary frustration that will then drive us to our next adventure]


With that being said, I do believe we have a responsibility to take charge of our decisions. The people that we surround ourselves with, the career path is chosen, and the focus of our energy are active choices. Careers and commitment to platonic or romantic relationships inevitably bestow titles that will follow us for the entirety of time. It is human nature to take comfort in naming items and people to distinguish their duty in our circle. This categorization is normal but may bring about suffering if attachment grows. Titles bring about a sense of duty and devotion, which lead to expectation and disappointment. Suffering begins when others anticipate us to behave in a way that coincides with our title. For one day, exercise simply being you”, releasing all titles imposed from work, loved ones, and gender. Feel the liberation and soul connection, allowing the true you to be free.


Attracting the right people comes from getting to know yourself on a deeper level. Personal reflection has led me to know feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation go hand in hand with being a part of the right community. On the contrary, coming home from a gathering with senses of fatigue and mental depletion are signs of interacting with those unaligned with your soul. Those who hamper our progress along the journey are considered obstacles. This is when strong principles and firm beliefs come into play, giving us the power to maintain course without worries of judgment from others.


Have you ever gone shopping for the basic pleasure of the act and may be purchased an unnecessary item? We all reward ourselves with materialistic objects, relishing in the temporary bliss. Although it is healthy to do this every now and then, there must be a conscious awareness to not let brand name clothing and the latest luxury cars to become the center of livelihood. Finances must be stable to live comfortably, but the greed and competition often fabricated diminish this essential balance. We begin to crave more and more money, increasing let down and anger. We forget that inner happiness originates from the inside, not from external sources.

Learn to shift your mind to allow the Universe to provide what is meant to be for you. Your mind can be altered by holding steady to your authentic self, kindling healthy friendships, and emphasizing innate joy. Your journey will then unfold before you, bringing you comfort in the life you live.


Shab Kamal

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