What Your Cravings and Tastes Say About You

Rasa, which means “taste”, is associated with the first part of digestion in the mouth. As soon as we eat food or intake a supplement, it touches our tongue and salivation happens.  Different types of foods contain the five elements, such as Earth in mixed nuts and meat, Water in milk and dairy, Fire in spicy foods, Air in dried fruits and popcorn, and Space in most vegetables. Each singular or combination of elements possess some of the six tastes needed for proper physiology. Take a look at some elemental mixtures and the tastes they are associated with.

Earth and Water


Earth and Fire


Water and Fire


Air and Fire


Air and Space


Air and Earth


What do we do with this information? Eat a balanced diet that contains nuts, meat (if you are not a vegetarian), fresh fruits and veggies, dried fruits, and dairy. When we consume all six tastes within our diet, the false cravings of salt and sugar will be reduced. Drinking the right amount of water is also key in diminishing that fake feeling of hunger the body uses as a mask for dehydration.

Take an online Ayurveda test and see which elements are predominant in your body type, which will then help guide you along the path to a healthful diet using the information above.

Shab Kamal

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