Does Ayurveda Heal?

A look into this ancient method’s perks.

The word Ayurveda comes from the language of Sanskrit, which literally translates to “knowledge of life”. This living science contains disciplines to treat the body, mind, and soul. Although this practice is quite old, some say five to ten thousand years old, it is still practiced regularly in India, and now in the west.

By learning about Ayurveda, we can understand our body types and the qualities that make up the composition. We allow our body to better function with suitable diets and lifestyles, according to our individual qualities and elements. Ayurveda promotes balance and harmony within our physical beings by calming the mind. This sense of peace is created through Yoga (Asana, spiritual practices, etc..), digestive system ease, and instilling a mind-body connection, all of which feed the soul and cultivate an immunity boost.

Shab Kamal

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