A Life Without Fear.


Have you ever turned down an invitation to a party? Or tried to get out of an outing with friends? Maybe you even made up excuses for yourself to avoid doing what needs to be done. Well, you are not alone.

What drives your thoughts? Do you go back and analyze why you didn’t want to meet up with friends or try something new?

You use fear to keep yourself safe from life threatening situations, listening to it when a wrong decision might have been made or an intuitive warning is needed. Sure, these are legitimate causes. The issue lies in fear becoming a shackle.

Look at “fear” as a gate keeper. This small four letter word, depending on how much power you give it, can become a monster. Once you ask for the gate keeper to step aside, the true you will appear. You might like some aspects and dislike others, but at least you have freed yourself from being held down by fear .

Here are some simple, but valuable tips to rid of fear..

Stop judging

Let compassion kick in


Judgement happens all of the time, whether it’s your opinion on others or self-criticism. Using self-love, instead of focusing on your flaws, might help keep your mind away from others. When you praise yourself for an accomplishment or compliment yourself on the way you look, you are employing love. The more you practice being kind toward yourself, the less judgmental you’ll be of others. When you form an opinion about someone or yourself be sure it’s not out of fear of other’s opinions of you. Next time you judge someone, be aware of how similar that person is to you and your character imperfections. Distract your mind, allowing a space in which you can use compassion, instead of competition.

Allowing compassion to replace judgement will let you think from the viewpoint of kindness. When you see a homeless person on the street, put yourself in their place, versus scrutinizing them for being “lazy” or begging instead of getting a job. How would you want people to approach you? What would you need in a cold place without any food or shelter? Compassion is a bigger word than fear. Use it to purify your mind and bring love to the smaller word.

As you get up everyday and make plans, remind yourself that life goes on as it needs to go on. Controlling every minute is not proactive, it is action stemming from a place of fear; fear of losing control of your own life. Being proactive is to have a desire, create the steps to achieve said desire, and let go, trusting the process. Surrender to allow Universe to help you reach your goals. Let the fear of it not happening go, so you can have more room for creativity, instead of worries. Surrender to your blueprint of life and breath easily throughout the day.

Fear does not just affect your thoughts and actions, but causes physical issues in the long run. Your respiratory system, nervous system, and throat chakra (7th chakra for expression) will be compromised.  Anxiety is one of the faces of fear that will show up out of nowhere. Heal yourself by focusing on the joy of life and what is positive about it. This will allow you to stay in the present moment.


Shab Kamal

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