The word Sadhana in Sanskrit means, a Spiritual Practice. The daily routine that connects us with our higher power, the physical and mental rituals that balance us, and our Attitude all are considered Sadhana. From the candle you lit with an intention, to the reading of an inspirational book, to the effort put in to drive to a meditation group, those all show we are devoted to our Spirituality. There are 3 steps to approaching this way of living.

Discipline the Mind and Body

The goal of having this type of practice is to stay connected with your higher power, a way to listen to your intuition for guidance. When your mind is foggy from digesting external information, you cannot listen to the inner voice. In order to quiet the noise inside, you need to discipline the mind to reach for peace and calm within. A simple, daily meditation practice for just 10-15 minutes will give way to the space you need in order to listen with mindfulness. Moving the body in a form of exercise, such as Yoga asanas or any other type of exercise routine, will move the Prana (life force) in the physical body. When there is a lack of physical activity, the body gets congested and blocked. Movement of muscles and the lymphatic system allow these blockages to open up and detox.

Hold a Spiritual Attitude

Keep an Attitude of Spirituality, like you truly mean it. This type of attitude comes with the right actions and reactions, complimented by positive words and thoughts. It is easier said than done when it comes to holding The Attitude throughout the day, but it will be easy by staying mindful of your actions, as to not harm anyone, including yourself. Watch how you react to your environment and people around you, attempting to pick your battles and not fight in every situation. Think positive and look forward to correct what has happened in the past to give yourself hope. Compliment others and yourself once in a while, striving to inspire, instead of criticize.

Study Scripture

Pick up the habit of reading daily. You can choose books that give you hope or ancient scripture that are meant to bring some sense to this worldly life. Reading to study or learn is very empowering. It makes you reflect on what needs to be learned in life. Next time you encounter the same type of situation, your reaction will be different, leaving your surprised. Try to avoid novels and fictional stories that might trigger the imagination in an unhealthy way, leaving you detached from reality. As you always remember to bring your cell phone with you, add a book that can follow you everywhere you go.

Sadhana is the simplest way to a more balanced and healthier life.


Shab Kamal

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