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Have you ever wondered why some events unfold one step at a time in a chronological matter? You go along without any question and all falls into place. You look back and realize that you had nothing to do with anything, rather it just happened on its own. What you don’t realize is that you allowed the Universe to take over.

This morning as I was taking a shower before my day began, I started thinking about how my life has an incredible timeline, without me interfering or as I call it, “controlling”.

In 2004, a series of events changed my life for good. As I applied for a new position at a local hospital, my chest x-ray, which was part of a physical exam I had taken, showed some abnormalities. From the time I got the news to my diagnosis about six or seven months passed full of fear and unanswered questions. Once I got the diagnosis of a rare immune disorder, it gave me something to work with. Of course in Western medicine, there was no cure or remedy for this type of illness, so I looked for an expert Eastern physician. To my surprise his treatment idea was yoga.

[Yoga: asanas, breathing exercises, and union with the spirit]

Little did I know that this path would take me to where I am now, a healer trying to help others to achieve the same fix. So my journey began in a yoga studio in town, silent retreats, sermons at a local Spiritual Center, studying every book in the center’s bookstore, and practicing Holistic medicine from India at a local Hindu Ashram.

At the time of my diagnosis I had so many questions for the Universe. I traveled through the steps of grief and came out a more compassionate being, able to heal others. I was meant to walk this journey of suffering, bearing the pain and enduring depression, to understand what my patients at the hospital and current clients are battling. As they say, you must walk in another’s shoes to really understand what they go through. Now when I work with a being, whether it’s in a hospital environment or my private practice, I see the individual as a soul with pain and hardships. There is no judgement or opinion, there is solely compassion and the utmost of love.

I have a mantra I like to recite to myself and others daily, “there is a reason behind everything”. There is no coincidence or accidents, our spiritual guides and angels are all working to align the stepping stones for our journey we call “life”.

Don’t try to control every situation or people around you. Get out of the way and allow the Universe to do what needs to be done.


Shab Kamal

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