As a society, we have been on the wrong path for quite some time. Counting on our Western doctors is a normal habit that we adopted from our parents and previous generations. We run to our doctors when symptoms of our body really bother us, desiring a miracle pill to cure us overnight. Meanwhile, Eastern practitioners are trying to draw attention to the Cause of the dis-ease, rather than the symptoms.

It is very scary to see young people in their 20s and 30s complaining about muscle stiffness, joint issues, fatigue, insomnia, and irregular menstrual periods. Since my medical background is a combination of Western and Eastern philosophy, I like to use the benefits in an all-encompassing way. What you can do is go to your Western doctor for a blood test or diagnostic imaging for diagnosis. You can then use the results to analyze your situation with your Eastern doctor to eradicate the Cause.

Eastern philosophy teaches that if your body is talking to you via symptoms, you need to listen. Dis-ease starts with our brain then moves into our physical body, in a form of illness. Stress, which doesn’t have any form or shape, is effecting everyone nowadays. Stress exists at home, work, school, the gym, family functions, and just simply in our brains. The mental and physical toxins accumulate when we are not paying attention to our body; malnutrition, lack of rest, and lack of detoxification will all lead to chronic illness. Unfortunately, that’s when we run again to our Western doctors to get strong pharmaceutical prescriptions to remedy the situation.

[No matter your age, it’s not too late to take action towards better health]

• Ask your physician to run a complete blood test to find out what your hormonal level is indicating. Don’t stop at reproductive organs, move on to your thyroid and adrenal glands as well. Hormonal levels will change monthly depending on your cycle, but at least you will have a baseline of your level to work with.

• Pay attention to your digestive system and your metabolism. How often do you eliminate daily? If at all. How do you feel after meals? What foods does your body not digest? What is the best diet habit for you? The truth is that our Immune System depends on the gut. The stronger our digestive process, the better we will feel.

• Once you find out about the results, see a practitioner to help you with herbal supplements. There are some Ayurvedic, Chinese, and bioidentical therapies for your needs to replace what you are missing. These supplements are in a more natural state and have minimal to no side effects.

• The final step is altering your Lifestyle, starting with your daily routine. This includes sleeping patterns, eating habits, how organized and clean your living area is, and your way of grounding yourself with the Universe.

[Fact Flash]

  1. Your body needs a regular time to sleep and wake up, to eat and to eliminate.
  2. Your nervous system will stay calmer with a clean room and fresh aromas.
  3. Eating whole foods versus processed, cheap foods is the way to go. You might have to take a bit of time to prepare your meals, but in the long run your body will thank you.
  4. Thank the Universe daily for all you have. Having a Spiritual practice or faith will help you stay stronger.

Your hormones, digestive enzymes, and your lifestyle set the foundation for a vital body. Be kind and pay attention to it.


Shab Kamal

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