The two words Abhyanga and Snehana in Sanskrit mean “oleation” and “loving embrace”.

Our goal is to use the right oil to reduce heat and maintain a well-balanced body in the current drought. Besides making the skin strong and supple, we will nourish the cells of the body, loosen up accumulated toxins, and open up channels that are suffering from congestion. This will allow the main cause of dryness, vata, to be reduced and exit the body. Vata is one of the three body types in Ayurveda. It comes with its own attributes, one of them being a lack of moisture.

Did you know..

  • Massage is a detoxification method. 
    • No need to train extensively or take a course online, massage is simple and serves as a relaxation method. The greatest benefit of touch is the eventual release of accumulated toxins, via urine, stool, or sweat. Getting rid of these stressors will leave your body in a serene and calm state.
  • By taking the time to massage our skin, we are building self-love.
    • This is recommended for people who suffer from stress and don’t usually take a moment to pay attention to themselves.

In a hot climate, one of the best oils recommended for self-massage is coconut oil. Here are some bits of knowledge to get the best benefits of this therapy.

  • The oil will change into a liquid form in the heat, don’t panic. 
    • Keep the jar in room temperature to maintain its natural benefits.
  • Apply the oil before a bath and leave it on the skin for at least 15 minutes. 
    • This duration will allow the oil to penetrate the cells and nourish them, leaving the skin very soft.
  • The oil can be used on hair to help strengthen follicles and lubricate the scalp. 
    • Strokes on the scalp need to be executed in a circular motion, with a gentle pressure to promote good circulation. This act of self-appreciation will also sharpen the mind and improve vision.
  • The oil can be used as a nighttime facial moisturizer.
    • This practice will reduce aging and increase skin hydration on a daily basis.
  • The oil is great after sun exposure. 
    • The natural ingredients cool down the internal temperature and help nourish the body. It also can be used after suffering a heat stroke.
  • The oil can be used as a sleep enhancer.
    • Mixing some drops of essential oils, like Lavender, into the jar of Coconut Oil is a wonderful recipe to beat insomnia. Use the desired amount on the skin before bedtime.


Shab Kamal

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