Balance holistic

Balance holistic

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Meet Your Healer, Shab Kamal

Shab, with her twenty plus years of being a former Health care professional, brings a gentle touch to her practice. Her compassion is evident in her non-judgemental approach creating a safe space for all her clients.

She is a certified Ayurveda practitioner from The College of Ayurveda at Mound Madonna Institute, California. She is currently teaching Hatha Yoga and meditation at Mount Madonna Center, mindful meditation classes at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, in addition to monthly private journaling workshops.

Her mission is simply "healing".

“May all that receive any services from me, be guided fully to health, happiness and success."- Shab

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Unlock the Hidden Power of Spiritual Journaling

Unlock the Hidden Power of Spiritual Journaling is about finding the inner voice that lives in every one of us. An innate gift to reach out and connect with our Spiritual Guides to easily walk this journey that we call "life." The subtle power of discovering our self through writing with the utmost honesty will eventually show up in our every action. This book presents different tools to choose from on the path of self-realization.

Unlock the Hidden Power of Spiritual Journaling: Uncover Your Spiritual Guides through Journaling, Ayurveda and Ashtanga Yoga

Spiritual Journaling Introduction

What Is Spiritual Journaling?

Benefits of Spiritual Journaling


Our Wellness services



Ayurveda is an ancient healing science originated in India. This eastern healing approach works with the 3 human constitutions which make each individual’s genetics. At any given moment one, two, or even all three constitutions may fall out of balance causing malaise or feeling of abnormality. An Ayurvedic practitioner will detect the imbalance and will bring the body back to health through the use of herbal supplements or lifestyle modification. Ayurveda is a complex science but with supervision it is practical and highly beneficial. .



Reiki is a universal but non physical, energy treatment originating from Japan. It awakens the power of self love and connection with Universe and Self. This approach is done by placing two hands on each chakra center and bringing healing to these areas attaining balance in the process. Having a balanced chakra system helps with emotional well being and keeping a healthy body. Relaxation, lightness and clear mindedness are some benefits of this treatment.

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance is about grounding the individual to reconnect with his or her Divine and Spiritual Guides. This type of guidance teaches the steps of true manifestation of desires. Breathing exercises and meditation tools will be used to focus the mind and help the individual to tap into inner voice or intuition. Some of the benefits of this type of guidance include the sensation of grounding and not feeling alone, vivid dreams with messages from the guides, peacefulness and overall sense of well being.

About our Wellness Services All services can be requested individually or as a combination packages

Ayurveda consultation

Ayurveda consultation

Achieve vitality through Ayurveda

Shab uses her Eastern and Western medicine approach to detect current imbalances. By reviewing an initial consultation questionnaire, examining the skin, eyes, nails and tongue, she will be able to recommend some natural remedies specific to the imbalances detected.

Some modifications of lifestyle, activities and diet might follow the natural remedies to reinforce the treatment. Shab only uses ayurvedic herbs to expedite the process and eliminate the root cause of the issue at hand.

The initial consultations are generally followed by monthly visits as needed.

Anxiety Management

Live your life without fear

Shab uses a combination of breathing exercises, meditation tools and Reiki to help individuals develop a healthier outlook on life. Since anxiety can be caused by many different reasons, Shab customizes a treatment according to the need of each client.

This type of healing program started with three to five sessions to achieve the balance needed for a calm mind. Some herbal supplements may be recommended to expedite the healing process. Once the individual feels at ease and back to normal,mental maintenance becomes easier with the tools provided.

Anxiety Management


Cultivate positive energy by aligning chakras

Shab uses her healing skills to aid the resetting of the energy centers. They may be blocked due to trapped emotions (yours or others) leaving the body disconnected from its own nature. During this treatment attention and energy is applied to main chakras creating a soothing state.Deep relaxation and a sense of well being are the outcomes of these healing sessions.

In some special cases of anxiety, grief, or crises this type of therapy is recommended as often as every two weeks expediting the body's return to its natural state.


Spiritual Guidance

Find the true meaning of life with angels' guidance

Shab reconnects individuals with their Guides according to their needs. She listens to the Guides with her intuition to bring messages that would help her clients. She taps into realm of self realization process and manifestation of desires, by teaching tools of mindfulness. She helps clients to detach and let go of the past,allowing them to be more present and motivated.

This type of guidance can be done in one session or more, depending on the individual's goals.

Spiritual Guidance
Treatments And services

Our wellness and Spa offers

Healing Session Choose A La Carte
$ 85 per 1 hour
A La carte selection of one hour Reiki or Spiritual Guidance sessions.
3 Session Package Great Starter Package
$ 240
3 Healing one hour sessions of Reiki, Spiritual Guidance or a mix of the two.
Private Workshop 2nd Saturday of Every Month
$ Free
Journaling Workshop to reflect inward and deepen your spirituality.
Meditation Upon Request
$ 120
Customized minful meditation class for professional and private groups.

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