Welcome to Balance-holistic.

An Intuitive Healing, created in 2012 by Shabnam J. Kamal. Shab with her experience as a healthcare professional , felt the urge to start this unique method that includes Ayurveda, Reiki and Spiritual Guidance. This approach is to guide clients to self- love to heal, and prevent physical and emotional illnesses with a healthy lifestyle. She currently practices in Saratoga, California and is proud to be influenced by her spiritual teachings at Madonna  Center in Hollister, California.

"May all that receive any services from me, be guided fully to health, happiness and success."


  • Reiki           $75  for 45 minutes
  • Ayurvedic consult   $120/1 hour
  • Intuitive readings & Connecting With Your Spirits and Angels     EARLY BIRD FALL SPECIAL
  • $49.99 for half an hour 
  • Limited time only 8/20-9/20 2016